hest is hest and hest is best!

Item list

Item:Max paid:Average:Min paid:
1 Bloodvine for 10g00.00
1 Core Armor Kit00.00
1 Dreamscale for 10g00.00
1 Nexus Crystal for NR enchant00.00
1 Ony Scale (self-craft cloak)00.00
10 Bijous54.60
10 Elementium Ore for AQ chain00.00
10 Hakkari Bijous55.05
10 Lava Cores, 10 Fiery Cores2020.020
100 Bijous5050.050
12 Bloodvine00.00
12 Bloodvine for 120g, 8 Powerful Mojo for 40g00.00
12 Core Leather for 6 Bottomless Bags00.00
120 Bijous6060.060
13 LE for NR00.00
135 Bijous7070.070
135 Coins1515.015
140 Bijous7070.070
15 Lava Cores, 15 Fiery Cores3030.030
16 Bijous1010.010
16 Core Leather for Soul Bag2020.020
16 Leather for Core Felcloth Bag2020.020
160 Cores160160.0160
165 cores165165.0165
180 Coins2020.020
2 Bloodvine for 18g00.00
2 Bloodvine for 20g00.00
2 Core Armor Kits00.00
2 Core Leather00.00
2 Core Leather for Bag00.00
2 Nexus Crystals00.00
2 Nexus Crystals for 15NR00.00
2 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Gloves - Fire Power00.00
2 Nexus Crystals for NR enchant00.00
2 Nexus Crystals for enchant00.00
2 Nexus Crystals for enchant on better cloak00.00
2 Nexus Crystals, 2 Essence of Fire00.00
20 Bijous108.30
21 Souldarite for Darksoul set2020.020
3 Bloodvine00.00
3 Bloodvine for 30g00.00
3 Elementium Ore for Imperial Qiraji Armaments00.00
3 Elementium Ore for Imperial Qiraji Regalia00.00
3 Nexus Crystals151.30
3 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Gloves - Healing Power00.00
3 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Gloves - Shadow Power00.00
3 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility00.00
3 Nexus Crystals for FR enchant00.00
3 Nexus Crystals for enchant00.00
30 Bijous1515.015
30 Bijous and 90 Coins2525.025
35 Bijous2020.020
4 Bloodvine for 30g00.00
4 Core Leather for Bags00.00
4 Core Leather for DI gloves00.00
4 Core Leather for bags00.00
4 Lava Cores for Nightfall1515.015
4 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Cloak - Subtlety00.00
4 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Gloves - Threat00.00
4 Powerful Mojo for 20g00.00
40 Bijous2017.10
405 Coins4545.045
45 Coins54.70
45 Coins for enchant55.05
45 Coins(?)55.05
48 Coins55.05
5 Nexus Crystals00.00
5 Nexus Crystals for 2 enchants00.00
5 Nexus Crystals for FR/NR enchant00.00
50 Bijous2525.025
55 Cores worth of rep275275.0275
6 Dreamscales for Breastplate1010.010
6 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility00.00
6 Powerful Mojo for 30g00.00
60 Bijous3030.030
60 Cores6060.060
60 cores6060.060
7 Bloodvine, 7 Powerful Mojo for 105g00.00
70 Bijous and 45 Coins4040.040
8 Bloodvine for 80g00.00
8 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Gloves - Threat00.00
80 Bijous4040.040
9 Bloodvine for 90g00.00
9 Nexus Crystals for Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility00.00
90 Coins1010.010
95 Cores worth of rep9595.095
Abyssal Cloth Amice of Sorcery4520.05
Abyssal Cloth Wristbands of Restoration55.05
Abyssal Cloth Wristbands of Sorcery55.05
Abyssal Leather Shoulders of Striking5050.050
Abyssal Mail Pauldrons of Striking5030.010
Abyssal Plate Epaulets of Striking2012.05
Abyssal Plate Vambraces of Restoration55.05
Abyssal Plate Vambraces of Striking1010.010
Abyssal Scepter209.35
Acid Inscribed Greaves4518.310
Acid Inscribed Pauldrons2020.020
Aegis of Preservation2518.90
Aegis of the Blood God2016.010
Aged Core Leather Gloves2520.620
Amberseal Keeper2020.020
Amulet of Foul Warding2015.010
Amulet of Vek'nilash200120.085
Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire2020.020
Ancient Corroded Leggings2020.020
Ancient Hakkari Manslayer2020.020
Ancient Petrified Leaf5521.620
Ancient Qiraji Ripper125125.0125
Angelista's Grasp7027.520
Angelista's Touch5527.120
Animist's Boots55.05
Animist's Leggings2016.710
Animist's Spaulders2020.020
Anubisath Warhammer2525.025
Arcane Infused Gem2020.020
Arcanist Belt1010.010
Arcanist Bindings2010.00
Arcanist Boots159.20
Arcanist Crown4512.20
Arcanist Gloves2010.20
Arcanist Leggings3512.50
Arcanist Mantle1510.00
Arcanist Robes4014.610
Archimtiros' Ring of Reckoning5027.120
Arlokk's Grasp1010.010
Arlokk's Hoodoo Stick1010.010
Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting9531.720
Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood28097.720
Aurastone Hammer2020.020
Azu + Ony + ZG1515.015
Azuresong Mageblade7525.30
Badge of the Swarmguard7540.020
Band of Accuria16081.320
Band of Dark Dominion9525.30
Band of Forced Concentration310137.125
Band of Jin2020.020
Band of Servitude4020.510
Band of Sulfuras2020.020
Barbed Choker100100.0100
Barrage Shoulders2020.020
Beetle Scaled Wristguards2012.510
Belt of Might6011.60
Belt of Never-ending Agony120108.385
Belt of Transcendence7526.410
Belt of Untapped Power2013.95
Belt of the Fallen Emperor2020.020
Betrayer's Boots1010.010
Bile-Covered Gauntlets3532.530
Bindings of Transcendence9023.60
Bindings of the Windseeker (Left)2020.020
Bindings of the Windseeker (Right)500123.620
Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope00.00
Black Amnesty1010.010
Black Ash Robe3518.10
Black Brood Pauldrons2020.020
Black Dragonscale Boots1010.010
Blacklight Bracers2020.020
Blade of Hanna3535.035
Blastershot Launcher6021.60
Blazefury Medallion2521.020
Blood Tiger Breastplate1010.010
Blooddrenched Footpads2020.020
Blooddrenched Grips2015.010
Blooddrenched Leggings2012.55
Blooddrenched Mask2014.310
Bloodfang Belt7531.320
Bloodfang Boots5525.70
Bloodfang Bracers10031.30
Bloodfang Chestpiece19052.210
Bloodfang Gloves8527.110
Bloodfang Hood9024.010
Bloodfang Pants12536.420
Bloodfang Spaulders5524.320
Bloodlord's Defender2017.75
Bloodsoaked Gauntlets2015.05
Bloodsoaked Greaves2020.020
Bloodsoaked Legplates1010.010
Bloodsoaked Pauldrons2015.010
Bloodsoul Breastplate1010.010
Bloodsoul Gauntlets1010.010
Bloodsoul Shoulders1010.010
Bloodstained Legplates2015.010
Bloodtinged Gloves2012.50
Bloodtinged Kilt2011.05
Bloodvine Boots2014.210
Bloodvine Gloves2020.020
Bloodvine Goggles1512.510
Bloodvine Leggings2015.810
Bloodvine Vest2015.010
Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal55.05
Bonereaver's Edge15062.820
Book of Healing Touch XI55.05
Book of Rejuvenation XI55.05
Book of Starfire VII55.05
Boots of Epiphany7036.320
Boots of Fright2020.020
Boots of Prophecy1010.010
Boots of Pure Thought15040.320
Boots of Transcendence10035.320
Boots of the Endless Moor2020.020
Boots of the Fallen Hero2020.020
Boots of the Redeemed Prophecy3025.020
Boots of the Shadow Flame25045.820
Boots of the Unwavering Will2020.020
Bracelets of Royal Redemption240172.5105
Bracelets of Wrath4021.70
Bracers of Arcane Accuracy5024.30
Bracers of Arcane Supremacy3030.030
Bracers of Might109.60
Breastplate of Annihilation10547.520
Breastplate of Might5015.40
Breastplate of Wrath25584.610
Brutality Blade5525.420
Burrower Bracers4545.045
Cape of the Trinity3535.035
Carapace of the Old God21069.220
Cauterizing Band15549.320
Cenarion Belt109.30
Cenarion Boots109.50
Cenarion Bracers109.20
Cenarion Gloves109.50
Cenarion Helm1010.010
Cenarion Leggings109.20
Cenarion Spaulders1010.010
Cenarion Vestments1010.010
Change main from Femage to Evensong00.00
Change main from Game to Uiibudo7575.075
Change main from Minnerva to Spawt7575.075
Change main from Sindorei to Tinny00.00
Changed main from Absint to Absinte7575.075
Changed main from Absint to Armada7575.075
Changed main from Absinte to Absint7575.075
Changed main from Anny to Zafira00.00
Changed main from Aprus to Xtorius7575.075
Changed main from Banning to Griveka7575.075
Changed main from Bikeflexxer to Dyakairinn7575.075
Changed main from Bikeflexxer to Fckmcdonalds7575.075
Changed main from Bradonja to Brkonja7575.075
Changed main from Brkonja to Bradonja7575.075
Changed main from Chibice to Casl00.00
Changed main from Daika to Lexis7575.075
Changed main from Despero to Pectoralis00.00
Changed main from Dyakairinn to Bikeflexxer7575.075
Changed main from Floreldin to Gilulhall7575.075
Changed main from Frysharro to Ferinn7575.075
Changed main from Griveka to Banning7575.075
Changed main from Hadi to Clawy7575.075
Changed main from Jocke to Metalcore7575.075
Changed main from Legolise to Hansi7575.075
Changed main from Lissey to Silley00.00
Changed main from Mavina to Fordrage7575.075
Changed main from Metalcore to Jocke7575.075
Changed main from Myri to Monkk00.00
Changed main from Pectoralis to Despero7575.075
Changed main from Priest to Warrior7575.075
Changed main from Rogue to Warlock00.00
Changed main from Ruda to Kovp7575.075
Changed main from Spelmi to Amazonka7575.075
Changed main from Stormcrow to Darkflight7575.075
Changed main from Torquemada to Nikel7575.075
Changed main from Tyron to Janos7575.075
Changed main from Vish to Quintus7575.075
Changed main from Xtorius to Aprus7575.075
Changed main from Xtorius to Pectoralis00.00
Changed main from Zaakir to Signac7575.075
Changed main from Ziomq to Zbyh7575.075
Changed main from mage to rogue7575.075
Changed main to Imbameow7575.075
Changed main to Petrus7575.075
Changed role from healing -> DPS7575.075
Changed spec from Healing to DPS7575.075
Choker of Enlightenment3520.410
Choker of the Fire Lord20073.40
Chromatic Boots9544.620
Chromatically Tempered Sword200133.320
Circle of Applied Force6524.220
Circlet of Prophecy2011.410
Claw of Chromaggus18568.320
Claw of the Black Drake6525.60
Cloak of Clarity200165.0130
Cloak of Concentrated Hatred9551.320
Cloak of Consumption10548.615
Cloak of Draconic Might10025.520
Cloak of Firemaw7032.120
Cloak of Flames6042.525
Cloak of Untold Secrets6025.010
Cloak of the Brood Lord13055.020
Cloak of the Devoured155152.5150
Cloak of the Golden Hive2020.020
Cloak of the Hakkari2020.020
Cloak of the Hakkari Worshipers2011.15
Cloak of the Shrouded Mists5024.820
Coins for enchant55.05
Cold Snap4531.320
Core Armor Kit00.00
Core Armor Kit x200.00
Core Armor Kit x300.00
Core Felcloth Bag2525.025
Core Forged Greaves2020.020
Core Hound Tooth8028.120
Core Leather x200.00
Core Leather x400.00
Core Marksman Rifle1010.010
Corehound Belt1510.910
Corehound Boots3511.65
Creeping Vine Helm3023.320
Crimson Shocker2014.30
Crown of Destruction5022.720
Crul'shorukh, Edge of Chaos6036.320
Crystal Adorned Crown18057.520
DKP decay908.85
Dark Heart Pants2020.020
Dark Iron Boots1010.010
Dark Iron Boots of the Eagle55.05
Dark Iron Boots of the Gorilla55.05
Dark Iron Bracers107.15
Dark Iron Gauntlets108.05
Dark Iron Helm2510.05
Dark Iron Leggings3010.45
Dark Storm Gauntlets240138.890
Darksoul Breastplate1010.010
Darksoul Leggings1010.010
Decay fix - atreyu via forums130130.0130
Decay removed, Mom in hospital00.00
Deviate Growth Cap2020.020
Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat220180.0140
Doom's Edge4020.70
Doomhide Gauntlets4527.920
Draconic Avenger2017.50
Draconic Maul6021.40
Dragon's Blood Cape2020.020
Dragon's Touch2020.020
Dragonbone Wristguards2521.320
Dragonbreath Hand Cannon2519.10
Dragonfang Blade7523.90
Dragonspur Wraps3519.010
Dragonstalker's Belt8021.910
Dragonstalker's Bracers4021.510
Dragonstalker's Breastplate15533.610
Dragonstalker's Gauntlets4022.510
Dragonstalker's Greaves10025.60
Dragonstalker's Helm9029.310
Dragonstalker's Legguards8525.720
Dragonstalker's Spaulders7524.510
Drake Fang Talisman350259.375
Drake Talon Cleaver4022.220
Drake Talon Pauldrons15534.720
Drape of Benediction2020.020
Drillborer Disk2520.320
Earthen Guard2521.820
Ebon Hand1010.010
Ebony Flame Gloves7535.020
Elemental Focus Band2020.020
Elemental Mage Staff2020.020
Elementium Reinforced Bulwark495125.40
Elementium Threaded Cloak4021.220
Emberweave Leggings2017.110
Emerald Dragonfang2020.020
Empowered Leggings10535.720
Empyrean Demolisher2020.020
Eskhandar's Collar4521.320
Eskhandar's Left Claw2020.020
Eskhandar's Pelt5023.520
Eskhandar's Right Claw2020.020
Essence Gatherer5023.020
Essence of the Pure Flame2520.320
Eye of C'Thun350155.4105
Eye of Sulfuras220145.070
Fang of the Faceless2513.00
Fang of the Mystics9030.520
Fel Infused Leggings4026.420
Felheart Belt159.40
Felheart Bracers107.90
Felheart Gloves159.80
Felheart Horns8023.90
Felheart Pants2511.310
Felheart Robes3015.010
Felheart Shoulder Pads2010.710
Felheart Slippers2010.610
Fetish of the Sand Reaver19559.020
Finkle's Lava Dredger2018.610
Fire Runed Grimoire2518.60
Fireguard Shoulders4020.310
Firemaw's Clutch10036.320
Fireproof Cloak2017.50
Flameguard Gauntlets3018.80
Flamewalker Legplates2020.020
Flarecore Gloves157.90
Flarecore Leggings1510.00
Flarecore Mantle157.90
Flarecore Robe157.50
Flayed Doomguard Belt2521.020
Flowing Ritual Robes2015.010
Formula: Enchant Cloak - Subtlety9582.570
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Shadow Power9090.090
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility100100.0100
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Threat210122.535
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Healing Power11082.525
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spell Power8045.820
Foror's Eyepatch2020.020
Funeral Cuffs8008580085.080085
Garb of Royal Ascension1010.010
Gauntlets of Annihilation125115.095
Gauntlets of Might4514.80
Gauntlets of Steadfast Determination3525.020
Gauntlets of Wrath29544.310
Gauntlets of the Righteous Champion2020.020
Gave account to Xtorius00.00
Gave character to Boomshaka7070.070
Giantstalker's Belt109.00
Giantstalker's Boots2511.110
Giantstalker's Bracers109.00
Giantstalker's Breastplate3512.610
Giantstalker's Epaulets2512.30
Giantstalker's Gloves1510.00
Giantstalker's Helmet159.70
Giantstalker's Leggings3513.710
Girdle of Prophecy109.40
Girdle of the Fallen Crusader2020.020
Gloves of Delusional Power2020.020
Gloves of Ebru2020.020
Gloves of Enforcement5035.020
Gloves of Prophecy2010.00
Gloves of Rapid Evolution2013.30
Gloves of the Hidden Temple2020.020
Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame2020.020
Gloves of the Messiah20068.820
Gloves of the Tormented2015.010
Grasp of the Old God330155.075
Green Dragonskin Cloak6036.510
Gri'lek's Blood55.05
Grimoire of Corruption VII55.05
Grimoire of Immolate VIII55.05
Grimoire of Shadow Bolt X55.05
Guide: Aspect of the Hawk VII55.05
Guide: Multi-Shot V55.05
Guise of the Devourer2020.020
Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer107.55
Gutgore Ripper2020.020
Hakkari Loa Cloak2014.010
Halberd of Smiting2017.510
Halo of Transcendence3522.420
Hammer of Bestial Fury3523.620
Hammer of Ji'zhi2020.020
Handbook of Backstab IX55.05
Handbook of Deadly Poison V55.05
Handguards of Transcendence13528.910
Head of Nefarian15032.120
Head of Onyxia7530.90
Head of the Broodlord Lashlayer42054.320
Heart of Hakkar4013.90
Heavy Dark Iron Ring5025.020
Helm of Endless Rage2020.020
Helm of Might3512.010
Helm of Wrath5023.320
Helm of the Lifegiver2017.50
Herald of Woe5024.320
Hibernation Crystal5035.020
Hive Defiler Wristguards2523.020
Hive Tunneler's Boots2020.020
Huhuran's Stinger2020.020
Husk of the Old God14557.520
Idol of Health2521.320
Imperial Qiraji Armaments200130.075
Imperial Qiraji Regalia400375.0350
Interlaced Shadow Jerkin2015.90
Jade Inlaid Vestments2020.020
Jeklik's Crusher2010.00
Jin'do's Bag of Whammies6528.320
Jin'do's Evil Eye10025.610
Jin'do's Hexxer1010.010
Jin'do's Judgement2015.010
Jom Gabbar200109.355
Judgement Belt7021.80
Judgement Bindings4019.50
Judgement Breastplate8024.320
Judgement Crown5022.010
Judgement Gauntlets10022.10
Judgement Legplates6025.310
Judgement Sabatons8022.40
Judgement Spaulders9027.710
Kalimdor's Revenge3527.020
Larvae of the Great Worm8552.520
Lava Belt158.70
Lawbringer Belt1010.010
Lawbringer Boots1510.610
Lawbringer Bracers109.40
Lawbringer Chestguard1010.010
Lawbringer Gauntlets1010.010
Lawbringer Helm2010.30
Lawbringer Legplates7014.310
Lawbringer Spaulders4010.80
Leggings of Arcane Supremacy2020.020
Leggings of Immersion2020.020
Leggings of Transcendence5022.510
Leggings of the Demented Mind2020.020
Leggings of the Festering Swarm6527.520
Legguards of the Fallen Crusader2020.020
Legplates of Blazing Light4537.025
Legplates of Might5012.610
Legplates of Wrath4020.70
Libram of Grace5555.055
Libram: Blessing of Might VII55.05
Libram: Blessing of Wisdom VI55.05
Libram: Holy Light IX55.05
Lifegiving Gem2020.020
Lok'amir il Romathis20085.520
Lunar Wand of Healing55.05
Magma Tempered Boots2020.020
Main change from Absynt to Absinte00.00
Main change from Addelin to Addy7575.075
Main change from Afsi (Pally) to Afsi (hunter)00.00
Main change from Amazonka to Spelmi7575.075
Main change from Arthur to Atesh7575.075
Main change from Boetaara to Cassis00.00
Main change from Bragi to Luminol7575.075
Main change from Fckmcdonalds to Paracetamol00.00
Main change from Fhtagn to Arcere00.00
Main change from Moonflare to Moons00.00
Main change from Xerdon to Feriouse7575.075
Main change from priest to mage00.00
Main switch Nikel to Torquemada7575.075
Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight20592.720
Malfurion's Blessed Bulwark2020.020
Malistar's Defender2020.020
Mana Igniting Cord13047.820
Manastorm Leggings2020.020
Mandokir's Sting2011.35
Mantle of Phrenic Power3025.020
Mantle of Prophecy109.50
Mantle of Wicked Revenge2020.020
Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal7033.020
Mantle of the Derping Cabal2522.520
Mantle of the Desert Crusade5527.020
Manual of Revenge VI55.05
Mar'li's Eye2012.55
Mar'li's Touch2020.020
Medallion of Steadfast Might15031.820
Mendicant's Slippers2020.020
Might of the Tribe2012.05
Mind Quickening Gem17555.90
Mindtear Band11558.830
Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer230146.150
Molten Belt108.35
Molten Helm3511.95
Name Change from Armada to Absynt00.00
Name change from Hayoung to Yeonyeon00.00
Nat Pagle's Broken Reel2015.010
Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator2016.710
Necklace of Purity3522.510
Neltharion's Tear415232.270
Nemesis Belt7022.50
Nemesis Boots7526.70
Nemesis Bracers3520.010
Nemesis Gloves4021.710
Nemesis Leggings4018.60
Nemesis Robes6524.110
Nemesis Skullcap20034.410
Nemesis Spaulders4521.00
Netherwind Belt5525.715
Netherwind Bindings5020.90
Netherwind Boots9527.120
Netherwind Crown5523.110
Netherwind Gloves10545.020
Netherwind Mantle20036.810
Netherwind Pants7526.410
Netherwind Robes23546.810
Nightmare Blade4031.725
Nightmare Engulfed Object7520.910
Nightslayer Belt109.40
Nightslayer Boots2010.610
Nightslayer Bracelets1010.010
Nightslayer Chestpiece3012.50
Nightslayer Cover6514.20
Nightslayer Gloves2010.00
Nightslayer Pants1510.610
Nightslayer Shoulder Pads3512.70
Obsidian Edged Blade5022.70
Obsidian Shards for Jagged Obsidian Shield2020.020
Onslaught Girdle19070.30
Onyxia Hide Backpack5035.10
Onyxia Scale Cloak203.60
Ooze-ridden Gauntlets7045.020
Opal Ring of Fire Resistance55.05
Ouro's Intact Hide20066.220
Overlord's Crimson Band2016.710
Overlord's Embrace2013.310
Overlord's Onyx Band2014.010
Panther Hide Sack3030.030
Pants of Prophecy109.40
Pattern: Bottomless Bag10092.585
Pattern: Core Armor Kit2520.820
Pattern: Core Felcloth Bag6033.820
Pattern: Flarecore Wraps5555.055
Pattern: Gloves of Spell Mastery175128.3100
Pauldrons of Might3514.10
Pauldrons of Transcendence14029.610
Pauldrons of Wrath32559.710
Pauldrons of the Unrelenting5030.020
Peacekeeper Boots2015.05
Peacekeeper Gauntlets2012.15
Peacekeeper Leggings2020.020
Pendant of the Fallen Dragon3521.220
Pendant of the Qiraji Guardian2020.020
Perdition's Blade13036.120
Peridot Circlet of Nature Resistance55.05
Petrified Scarab3023.320
Plans: Dawnbringer Shoulders4545.045
Plans: Elemental Sharpening Stone8028.820
Plans: Lionheart Helm2018.310
Plans: Persuader2020.020
Plans: Sageblade2020.020
Plans: Stronghold Gauntlets3527.520
Plans: Thick Obsidian Breastplate8052.525
Plans: Titanic Leggings2020.020
Polished Ironwood Crossbow5545.035
Poseidon RP10040.020
Prestor's Talisman of Connivery15047.520
Primal Batskin Bracers1512.510
Primal Batskin Gloves1010.010
Primal Batskin Jerkin2012.010
Primal Hakkari Aegis2514.60
Primal Hakkari Armsplint2012.95
Primal Hakkari Bindings2015.05
Primal Hakkari Girdle2012.10
Primal Hakkari Idol7524.90
Primal Hakkari Kossack2515.65
Primal Hakkari Sash2013.80
Primal Hakkari Shawl2013.25
Primal Hakkari Stanchion2011.50
Primal Hakkari Tabard2013.310
Primalist's Band2016.710
Primalist's Seal3015.05
Puissant Cape12055.020
Pure Elementium Band275130.455
Qiraji Bindings of Command20065.320
Qiraji Bindings of Dominance16538.720
Qiraji Execution Bracers10593.375
Quick Strike Ring10546.80
Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion3022.020
Recomposed Boots2520.015
Red Dragonscale Protector10024.320
Red Dragonscale Protector (set to 0 by Atreyu since char was xfer)00.00
Red Qiraji Resonating Crystal20040.70
Regenerating Belt of Vek'nilash3023.320
Rejuvenating Gem420134.020
Rename from Uiibudo to Gamegami00.00
Renataki's Soul Conduit2020.020
Renataki's Tooth55.05
Ring of Binding4019.810
Ring of Blackrock2518.60
Ring of Emperor Vek'lor5532.520
Ring of Entropy2520.820
Ring of Spell Power14042.420
Ring of Swarming Thought4023.320
Ring of the Godslayer150108.350
Ring of the Martyr15078.345
Ring of the Qiraji Fury6050.040
Ring of the Unliving2020.020
Ringo's Blizzard Boots6022.90
Ritssyn's Ring of Chaos6060.060
Robe of Volatile Power13535.00
Robes of Prophecy159.00
Robes of Transcendence15037.110
Robes of the Battleguard2020.020
Robes of the Guardian Saint545148.560
Robes of the Triumverate2020.020
Royal Qiraji Belt2020.020
Royal Scepter of Vek'lor200147.5110
Rune of Metamorphosis2018.00
Runed Bloodstained Hauberk2015.010
Sabatons of Might3010.80
Sabatons of Wrath5025.510
Sabatons of the Flamewalker2020.020
Sacrificial Gauntlets2013.00
Salamander Scale Pants4021.320
Sapphiron Drape3020.720
Sartura's Might240240.0240
Sash of Whispered Secrets6521.60
Scaled Sand Reaver Leggings4023.320
Scarab Brooch15095.040
Scarlet Kris1010.010
Sceptre of Smiting1010.010
Schematic: Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope6025.720
Schematic: Core Marksman Rifle9090.090
Schematic: Force Reactive Disk6531.320
Scrolls of Blinding Light10037.50
Seafury Gauntlets2020.020
Seal of Jin2020.020
Seal of the Archmagus2016.50
Seal of the Gurubashi Berserker2011.90
Shadow Panther Hide Belt52.50
Shadow Wing Focus Staff2020.020
Shard of the Fallen Star4545.045
Shard of the Flame3523.820
Shard of the Scale7534.720
Sharpened Silithid Femur200175.0150
Shimmering Geta2020.020
Shroud of Pure Thought15032.720
Silithid Carapace Chestguard3017.910
Silithid Claw3023.320
Skin of the Great Sandworm7028.220
Slime-Coated Leggings1010.010
Snowblind Shoes8534.320
Sorcerous Dagger2020.020
Soul Corrupter's Necklace2016.710
Spinal Reaper11550.020
Staff of Dominance4521.020
Staff of Rampant Growth18068.110
Staff of the Qiraji Prophets5050.050
Staff of the Shadow Flame325159.050
Stormrage Belt4019.50
Stormrage Boots5523.010
Stormrage Bracers2019.20
Stormrage Chestguard16526.910
Stormrage Cover4522.620
Stormrage Handguards10025.710
Stormrage Legguards2018.210
Stormrage Pauldrons10031.920
Strangely Glyphed Legplates2020.020
Striker's Mark10039.00
Styleen's Impeding Scarab355186.320
Sulfuron Ingot2020.020
Swift Zulian Tiger195195.0195
Switch from DPS to Healing00.00
Switched main from Jimjam to Minnerva00.00
Switched main from Petrus to Thinkel7575.075
Talisman of Ephemeral Power8035.520
Talisman of Protection1010.010
Taut Dragonhide Belt2020.020
Taut Dragonhide Gloves2010.00
Taut Dragonhide Shoulderpads2020.020
Ternary Mantle5537.525
The Black Book2020.020
The Burrower's Shell5030.020
The Eye of Divinity5019.80
The Eye of Hakkar2015.010
The Hexxer's Cover2014.310
The Untamed Blade18530.00
Thekal's Grasp2015.010
Therazane's Link2020.020
Thick Qirajihide Belt2020.020
Thick Qirajuhide Belt2020.020
Tome of Arcane Missiles VIII55.05
Tome of Fireball XII55.05
Tome of Frostbolt XI55.05
Tome of Polymorph: Turtle2521.720
Touch of Chaos7019.00
Trance Stone2020.020
Triad Girdle2020.020
Ukko's Ring of Darkness9532.510
Unmelting Ice Girdle3021.020
Unnatural Leather Spaulders6040.820
Vambraces of Prophecy109.40
Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun15090.030
Vek'lor's Diadem17046.320
Vek'lor's Gloves of Devastation10046.720
Vek'nilash's Circlet18059.120
Venomous Totem3020.920
Vest of Swift Execution2020.020
Vis'kag the Blood letter7533.420
Waistband of Wrath5022.90
Wand of Qiraji Nobility6060.060
Warblade of the Hakkari2016.710
Warblade of the Hakkari - OH2015.010
Wasphide Gauntlets4528.320
Wavefront Necklace4023.320
Wild Growth Spaulders12527.90
Windshear Cape2525.025
Wormscale Blocker105105.0105
Wristguards of Stability2018.20
Wristguards of True Flight2020.020
Zanzil's Band3018.35
Zanzil's Seal5020.70
Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds3017.010
Zulian Defender2020.020
Zulian Headdress2014.15
Zulian Scepter of Rites2012.910
Zulian Slicer2010.05
Zulian Tigerhide Cloak1512.510
switched main from Atreyu to Kil7575.075
switched main from Kil back to Atreyu7575.075