hest is hest and hest is best!


- What is the point of this guild?

The founders of <hest> want a friendly atmosphere with no elitism and a fair DKP-system. Raiding times are focused primarily on EU.

- But what does the name even mean?

The guild actually started out as an inside joke, which can make it hard to explain. If the guild name means more to you than the actual functionality of the guild, it might not be for you. Let this picture speak for itself. hest mathematics!

- I want an alt of mine to be my new main character, what can I do?

You can change your main character if you want, but it will cost you up to 75 DKP. You can find more specific rules at the bottom of the DKP-description page.

- I want to change my main spec.

Same as above.

- How do I earn DKP?

By raiding. The current set amount is 5 DKP per hour.

- Can I spend DKP I earned during the current raid?

No, all DKP is added after each raid.

- How does the DKP-system work?

You can find a detailed explanation at the DKP-description page.

- Can you explain what a raiding night might look like?

Invites are given out at 18:30 (server time). Everyone online before 18:45 and in the instance before 19:00 will receive an extra 5 DKP for being on time (reserved to hest members). At 19:00 everyone should have arrived at the instance, prepared and ready to go. At 22:00 no more DKP will be earned and if you were on time you'll get an additional 5 bonus DKP. We will, at this point, decide whether to call it a day or not. Usually this will be the case, but depending on the current situation and if people are feeling it, we might make an exception and go on for a while longer.