hest is hest and hest is best!


You choose your main character and spec.

Your main character shares DKP with your alts. Alt and offspec bids are separated from main bids. The bidding process works like this:

An officer will link the item and take bids in whisper. You bid the amount you feel the item is worth to you and all bids should be a multiple of five, i.e. 5, 10, 15...

If you want to bid on an item for off spec or an alt you simply write OS/ALT after your bid (Use a space between the dkp and ALT/OS). MS bids have priority over OS bids and they both have priority over ALT bids, i.e. MS > OS > ALT.

The minimum you can bid is 5 DKP for all items in ZG, 10 DKP for the T1 sets and 20 DKP for everything else. The winner of the item is revealed when all bids have been received. The second highest bid will be the final price to pay.

In case there is a tie, rolls decide who wins. The winner can then buy the item. The rolls is normally done automatically by the bid taking addon.

If you have 0 or negative DKP you can still bid. You simply bid your maximum DKP, e.g. 0 or -10, although you will still pay the minimum amount of 20, or 10, if you win. Everyone with positive dkp will have priority over you.

If there's no main bidding on an item the off spec and alt bids are taken into account and the highest of these bids win the item.

You gain 5 DKP per hour of raiding. There is a 5 DKP bonus reserved for hest members that you get if you're in the raid 15 minutes before the starting time and you're in the instance at the starting time. Everybody that is in the instance at the starting time and stays the entire raid also gets an additional 5 DKP bonus. Be sure to keep track of your own DKP.

If the raid is full and you end up on the wait list, but stay available on short notice throughout the raid, you also earn DKP at the standard rate of 5 DKP per hour. A player will only be allowed on the waiting list if it's on time for the raid, i.e. within the 30 minute invite window.

Crafting materials will be available for purchase with DKP. Items like bijous and ZG idols as well. To prevent people from loading up on materials and quitting they are only sold to people with a positive DKP.

Changing spec or main

Main character change:
  • If you want to change your main character, you are allowed to do so for free if you have not bought anything at all for your character.
  • If you have spent DKP on items for your character, you will have to pay the dkp you have spent up to a maximum of 75 DKP.
Main spec change:
  • If you want to change your main spec, you are allowed to do so for free if you have not bought anything for your MS.
  • If you have spent DKP on your MS, you will have to pay the dkp you have spent up to a maximum of 75 DKP.

DKP decay

  • Decay begins after 4 missed raids in a row (begins on 5th missed raid)
  • If the leave is announced, it will start after 8 missed raids (on the 9th missed)
  • To prevent decay, you must participate at least once every 4 raids and earn >= 15 DKP during one and the same raid
  • Decay will be 10 % per raid, rounded off upwards to the nearest multiple of 5
  • If you have real life issues that prevent you from raiding when it's not your own choice you should speak to the officers and an evaluation of possible suspenision of your DKP decay will be made. Medical issues are primarily intended.

Out-Of-Guild Players

Out-of-guild / non-hest players are welcome to join for raids, and will be invited to the raid shortly after hest members. Please note the following rules:

  • Mainspec bidding with equal priority/weight to hest mains, so long as the player is not in negative DKP
  • If the player is in negative DKP, can still bid but must bid as 'Alt'
  • Same DKP decay as hest members
  • Same bonus DKP as hest members
  • May only bid as 'Alt' on crafting recipes
  • For now, legendary items and the Broodlord Head will be hest-only items

Last updated: 2015-12-17 18:41 UTC+1