We are hest, a casual raiding guild on the Rebirth. We want a friendly atmosphere in our raids and a DKP system that gives everyone a fair chance at loot.

Raid time on Thursdays at 19:00-22:00 and Sundays 18:00-22:00 server time, with invites going out 30 minutes prior. Be there on time and you'll obtain an extra 5 DKP. We're currently focusing on BWL and Onyxia, but do other things like the Silithus Lords if the time permits.

Raid rules and regulations

We are currently full on prot warriors. Three stable tanks are enough for now, although DPS warriors with the gear and will to off-tank are very welcome.

People on Mumble will get raid spot priority over those who aren't.

Keep track of your DKP. It's updated manually, and sometimes we make mistakes. Talk to an officer if this affected you.

You receive an additional 5 DKP for being invited and in the instance on time (This bonus is currently reserved for members in hest.). Also, staying for the entirety of the raid after meeting the first criteria will yield you yet another 5 dkp, adding up to a total of 10 bonus DKP. To obtain the being on time bonus DKP you should be in the raid 15 minutes before the start and be in the instance when the raid starts.

If the raid is full but short on a class, spec or role which is needed (i.e. healers), they will get priority over the class, spec or role we have a surplus of.

The spirit of hest!

Composed by: Joski Larsson

hest services

Address: hest-guild.se
Port: 64738
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